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The AQUA Luxury Suites complex is located in the picturesque village of Imerovigli, looking almost like integrated into the volcanic rock, hovering over the Aegean. Imerovigli, featuring the famous Skaros Rock, is built on the highest spot of the caldera, thus proudly bearing the name “balcony of the Aegean”. The exquisite experience of your stay at AQUA Luxury Suites is therefore combined with its ideally located pin on the island’s map. The capital town of Fira is a mere 3 km away, the beautiful Oia village just 10 km, and the airport 8 km.


The island at a glance

As soon as you set foot in Santorini, you realize that this island gracefully offers you an experience that goes well beyond the instagrammable whitewashed villages and quaint churches. Because it is simultaneously the epitome of Cycladic imagery, and the cradle of an admirable civilization, whose grandeur was such, that it was from early on linked with the myth of Atlantis. Santorini’s historical records date back to the 3rd millennium BC, as the vast excavations at Akrotiri have revealed. Settlements dating to around that time were discovered, remains of a complex society that thrived until the fierce Minoan volcanic eruption, which resulted in the island’s unique, world-known geography, morphology, and character.

Theran flavors

The combination of unique morphology, fertile meta-volcanic soil, and distinct micro-climate, offers the grounds for Santorini’s extraordinary produce. The “anydro” – waterless – cherry tomato of Santorini, the tasty fava (split beans), the white eggplants, are ingredients that elevate the Mediterranean cuisine of the island to a one-of-a-kind culinary experience – paired, of course, with exquisite, awarded wines from varieties such as the renowned Assyrtiko.

Caldera-front villages

Can you really ever get enough of strolling Santorini’s cobblestone alleys and admiring the whitewashed simplicity of its architecture? Fira, Imerovigli and Oia, like jewels carefully set on the rocky caldera crown, are the famous villages that first catch your eye when you arrive at the island, the ones that get illuminated by the majestic Cycladic sunset – and the ones you will feel drawn to and that you will be visiting again and again. 

Volcanic beaches
You cannot escape it. In fact, the island cannot escape it. The spirit of the volcano is ever present, everywhere, offering so much more than a beautiful view. Be prepared, then, for beaches such as you’ve never experienced before. Black, red, or white sand, or pebble beaches, at the feet of breathtaking volcanic rock formations, with crystalline, sapphire waters, will ideally complement your Santorinian memories.

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