The Santorini experience is not really complete, unless you’ve immersed yourself in the rejuvenating journey offered at the AQUA Luxury Suites. Combine the mystic, imposing energy of the volcano with moments of holistic wellness, selecting from an extensive menu of pampering face treatments, soothing massages, and nourishing body therapies.

Consult the team of our professional therapists, in order to choose the therapeutic session that best suits you and trust them to guide you out of body pain and soreness through their relaxing healing ways. Luxuriate in the euphoric world of our blissful spa and leave rejuvenated and recharged with the magic aura of the island.

Move & Explore

Santorini may be ideal for relaxing moments under the sun, but you will find that it is also perfect for explorations that will enrich your memories with the most unexpected images. Let our knowledgeable team help you plan and realize the itinerary of your dream vacation.

They will cover your transfer from and to the port or airport, as well as arrange your cruises and tours – all tailored to your available time, your wishes and personal interests.

Wander the uniquely picturesque villages of the island, enjoy the meta-volcanic beaches, visit the traditional cave wineries and get acquainted with the celebrated Assyrtiko wine of Santorini, explore the wonderous remains of an impressive ancient civilization. Feel free to ask for our advice, guidance or help, and have us make the necessary arrangements, so that you can enjoy a carefree vacation, embellished with unforgettable experiences.


We could not agree with you more: you cannot feel properly connected to the island, unless you feel the salty breeze on your skin, get acquainted with its winds, dive into its volcano-neighboring waters, discover its secluded beaches, and explore it to its fullest, right down to its rich underwater world. This is why you love sailing.

Do you prefer a yacht or a catamaran?

Wine tours

The reason why Santorini’s beauty is captivating lies in its multisensory character. Take, for instance, its wine. Developed on rich volcanic soil and dry micro-climate, the island’s viticulture boasts a millennia-long history that has led to the exquisite, awarded, and world-famous wines of today. Join a wine tour to renowned traditional wineries, initiate into the features of Santorini’s winemaking tradition, and indulge in a winetasting experience your palate will never forget.


Whether you are a hiking lover or not, a hiking tour will complement your Santorinian adventure by revealing a different aspect of the island. Have us arrange one for you and you will discover the ever-present authenticity of Santorini, co-existing with its cosmopolitan identity. Walk the trails to traditional hamlets and old, hidden monasteries, and enjoy a sightseeing that does not fail to take into account the breathtaking originality of the natural landscape, unfolding under your feet.

Water sport

Here comes the sun, the sea, and our water sports menu! This is what summer fun looks like on this island: you dive, you snorkel, you jet-ski, you surf or SUP – depending on your mood. Just ask for it!

Helicopter tour

The AQUA Luxury Suites complex may be elaborately perched high on the volcanic rock, offering you a striking view, but here’s a secret: You can go higher!

Book a luxurious heli ride and live the thrill of beholding Santorini’s panorama. The island now belongs to you and the birds; indulge, marvel, and take mind-bending photos!


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