First, you fall for the magical allure of the island. Then, you fall for its Mediterranean flavors, as presented in the delicious dishes of the Q Bar Restaurant menu.
The open-air veranda of AQUA Luxury Suites is the place for a true gastronomical adventure, starring delectable creative takes on the Mediterranean cuisine. Prepared with fresh, locally sourced materials, they are served in a dreamy setting overlooking the volcano, seasoned with Aegean breeze, and paired with fine wine selected from a carefully curated wine list. A luscious experience that nurtures the senses.
It’s where you get together with your friends, where you spend your most relaxing moments, where you recharge with coffee or enjoy your cocktail sipping evenings.
When you immerse yourself in the mini plunge pool by the bar or in a cozy chair, drink in hand, smile on face, you actually join the essence of the AQUA Luxury Suites Santorini experience.
The Q Bar Restaurant operates from April to October (weather permitting).